How it all started....

How it all started....


We are here because of a mother's love and dedication to her kids .

My Amma (mother), loved to stitch and design cute little outfit for my sister, Elsa and I , her favorite hobby to this day. Yes , the name of the store came from my sister , Elsa and you cannot hear the end of it, how she have the store named after her and not me, sister's....

When we were small kids all our dresses were hand stitched by Amma. When we walk into a room wearing the little dresses people wanted to know where we got it from. And Elsa and I , proudly informed them our Amma made outfit for us. Elsa, would show off her frocks , modeled in them for anyone who said she looked amazing in her little frock and for some reason she have to dance when she wear new outfit , which she continues to do to this day.

As years passed by Amma continued doing her favorite hobby .

One day , Appa's friend , who owns a kids wear shop , wanted few of Amma's design so he could sell in his shop. As a one time thing Amma said okay and she made few products for his shop. Which sold out in matter of days and he wanted more of her products !

Amma was hesitant at first, she had her reasons but Appa   encouraged and gave her courage to do it. Appa ,at the time had his own business to look after , took time out of his schedule , to help her out.

Appa became her strength , courage and business partner.

Like that a hobby turned into a passion. 

Amma and Appa became a team with a strong passion and dream. They started small with just 3 people to stitch and my Ammama ( maternal grandmother) , who came to help my Amma , with the production also to care of  Elsa and me ,when things get busy. Ammama's favourite hobby is also to stitch and now you know were Amma got it from. I think even Ammama loves to create kidswear especially for girls. A trait I definitely inherited from them. 

At that time we were staying  in a rented house , so we had a balcony and room like space near the stairs in the front of our house, which turned out to be our first production unit , yes it was congested but somehow it worked. The place got filled with machine , fabric , thread , lace.... all the fun stuff needed for kids wear production, a perfect playground for two little girls. Elsa and I had a blast inside that small space , one of our favorite activity was making tents out of all the waste fabric, miss those gold old day!. Of course , we did get into lots of trouble too while playing in between when people are working .I still have faded stitch line's  on forehead ,hands and legs to prove it.

As time went by people started hearing about our products and demand increased thus the business. From the rented house we moved to our own house and we got a office place , which became our full fledged production unit. With lot more new machinery and lot more new people to work. A hobby turned into a passion. A passion created a wonderful kids wear  brand ,focused on providing quality, comfortable products for kids at affordable price,

From there Appa and Amma never looked back , they have done anything to everything to make the business a success. Yes , they did have their shares of ups and downs. When time got difficult they fought together to overcome and they always did and they continue to do it. Elsa and I are proud to be called their daughters.





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