Our Story

Here, at Elsa we provide online shopping facilities for our shoppers ,Elsa's online shop has collections for  6 month old babies up to kids of age 8.
As I leap into more details let me give you  glimpse of our story.
Hi ,
I am here because of my parents. My mother Reena Gajet used to stitch all my and my sister Elsa clothes , when we were children. Very soon our clothes got the attraction of our friends and family members. It is their appreciations that led her to start : RG Creations, kids wear manufacturing. My father George Gajet, was her support and he is the person behind the growth of the company. From there they joined their hands to make their dream come true.
As first step they began by providing frocks at one of their friend's shop. Initially, they began with 2 or 3 workers, as years passed by we expanded. At present they are successful kids clothing manufacturers since 1999 , manufacturers clothes for 9 month to 12 year old girls, they supply in some of the leading retail stores in Kerala and some outside Kerala.
I was inspired by my mother to go into field of designing, had lot of fun helping her design clothes for children, still enjoy designing with her. That's were my passion for designing come from. 
After my graduation in Bachelor of Design (B.Des) from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) ,In November 2019 ,I decided to start my small business with help of my parents. Guess what! my father always want to expand business onto online platform. Started working towards my goal of business , yes! I had lot of set back and couldn't launch when I wanted to due to pandemics, but its okay, Finally in August 2020 ,I launched "Elsa" : www. elsaonlineshop.com
All our products are made with lot of love and dedication. We make comfortable , stylish and trendy outfits for little princess aging from 6 Months to 8 years.
 We are happy to be at your service. Happy shopping!! 
If you have any query just send us message!