Why should you prefer cotton fabric for kidswear.

Why should you prefer cotton fabric for kidswear.

When you purchase a garment for your kids what do you look for. Yes, you need the kids to look good in the outfit , have to be perfect for the occasion. Another important factor parents leave out but is important is fabric . Kids garment have to made up fabric which have good ventilation, the ability to absorb moisture, and not cause allergies.

Cotton , is one of the best fabric you can use for kids garments. Why?


Cotton has a great absorbent property .Playing is part of being a kid , so they sweat a lot. Cotton's absorbent property keeps them dry but also keep them overheating, keeping kids comfortable all day long. Cotton is naturally breathable , absorbent and is know for cooling property.


 Another property parents should look for is durablity. Kids tend to play a lot .do lot of physical activities , activities might be harsh on their garment. Cotton is more durable and resistant to wear and tear , making it perfect for kids wear.

Easy to maintain

Cotton is s strong fabric , can withstand most of wear and tear so easy to maintain. Its easy to get dirt out of cotton. Since cotton is breathable fabric, it doesn't trap sweat or odor. Kids get their outfit dirty a lot , so will need to wash cloths a lot , it is very easy to get dirt out of cotton , so no need to spend lot of time washing and dry really fast.


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